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Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Tis the Season... for pumpkins!

Perfect Pumpkin

These are $2 tools from HEB. They are dead now.

EC: "I will caarrrrve this pumkin. I am a pirate."


Yay TX pumpkin! (I am ignoring that it might be from NM.)

I am very intent on my masterpiece. Later I joked
that we could always pretend a 3rd grader helped us.

And here is the third grader's school portrait.

I couldn't tell you why I am making this face. I just am.
Happy Halloween, everyone.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Whenever I'm on vacation (weird to think a trip to Houston is now "vacation") I like to take time to do my hair a little differently. Mostly because I'm staying with Sarah and can use her hair straightener. So behold the various stages of taming my hair.

 Post shower, post blow dryer. Typically I wouldn't comb out my hair, but here it is. A giant lion's mane.

 Right side: straightened! It's amazing how much less volume there is after it's straightened. I would say that doing half of my hair took about 15-20 minutes.

 All done! This took probably about an hour from start to finish. It's so weird to see my hair this way, and it's impossible to not want to feel how smooth it is.

As silly as it seems, after all that work, I had Sarah add waves back into my hair with the Chi. It's fun and not something I can do on my own. Though looking at this picture, my hair looks very similar to what it is without the 1+ hour it took to accomplish this. I wore this style to the Homecoming Tailgate... and pull my hair back for the wedding.

I'm scheduled for a haircut next Monday! It's pretty overdue.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 This month has been pretty overwhelming. Behold the contents of my refrigerator as of this morning:


ACL two weekends ago, and a wedding in Houston last weekend has kept me busy. But I have a success to report! I'm employed again. It's a job in my field and I'm sure to learn a lot from it. And be really busy. I have lots of pictures to share from ACL and from the wedding, and I'll try to fit those in soon. 

P.S. I went grocery shopping so I now have more than lemons, tomato sauce, yogurt, and tofu. Just FYI.