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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Report

The last week of my life has been an absolute whirlwind of events, excitement and general celebration. As usual my life has taken over and my blogging efforts have been minimal. I'm happy to report that all is well. I'm employed, in school, and still in Austin. A year from now I should be done with my Master's program.

But now back to the events of this weekend! In particular, my sister Amy got married!

Wedding Rings! The diamond engagement ring was my mom's.

 Because my sister, Sara, lives across the world in Sydney our time spent together is even more precious. I know some families live down the street or across town from one another, or at least reside in the same state. Our family is spread across the globe and while we make it work with Skype dates and emails, any time we can spend together is that much more important.
Niall and Sara. He maybe stole my sister away and now keeps her down under, but he's a pretty good guy. Though now he is not my only brother-in-law, weird!

My parents were more or less elated all weekend.

Katelyn - cousin, friend, semi-professional photographer. I heard she filled up 8 GB on her memory card with over 1500 photos. Until those pictures surface everyone will have to make do with my iPhone photos. They may not be perfect, but at least I'm getting them up and out into the world.

The blushing bride and groom. I love their expressions in this photo. It's during the rehearsal dinner when a couple of people in the wedding party gave speeches.

This was taken the morning of the wedding. My sister will only be single for another 8 hours. 

Getting ready at the salon. I loved my hair for the wedding and hopefully there will be lots of pictures of it from Katelyn or the professional photographer's shots. (Also I hope there are pictures of Amy's dress and other "important" wedding things.)

The bridal hair with a purple fascinator.

Katelyn being Rapunzel/a photographer. Amy getting ready as a gorgeous bride.

iPhone camera can do pretty well, I think. 

My sister, the bride. Wow, I'm getting choked up all over again. 

Here is a super-helpful diagram of how the reception was set up. 

From here on in, my photos are more sparse because I was either 1) setting up for the wedding 2) being in the wedding or 3) I don't know, I was busy!

I did manage to get a shot of the father-daughter dance. 

And one more of me and Sara. An official maid and matron of honor shot.

I hope you can tell from my brief descriptions and few photos that it was a beautiful wedding and overall a wonderful experience. Our family and friends came together and now BOTH of my sisters are married.  Amy had a vision of what she wanted and being the creative and artistic person she is she carried that out in so many ways. Each table was themed as a different movie that held meaning for her and Mike. She made intricate tissue paper decorations to hang from the reception tent. The place cards fit the color theme and stood on corks (fit in with the fact that we were at a winery). I wish I had had time to take pictures of all of the wonderful details, but again that was kind of someone else's job. 

I'm just at the beginning of my wedding experiences. With a handful under my belt, I'm starting to see the common denominator. It's a day to celebrate who you are and the choice you're making to live your life in harmony with another person. In so many ways that is a wonderful thing.

When I think about the fact that my sister Amy now has a HUSBAND... I am a bit flabbergasted. Childhood is starting to get smaller in the rear-view mirror. We're leaving it behind a little more every day. The fact that our lives are going places is a reason to look forward towards the horizon. 


  1. Nice to see the quirky iPhone documentation of your closeknit far-flung family occasion. Post more often, would ya? And come visit!

  2. So happy for your family, love the post!!

  3. Fascinator! So pretty. I love her dress, too.

  4. Thanks Em! I love iphone wasn't as "busy" as yours... you did great with pictures...and the story... until we can get Katelyn's and photographer Kyle's.

  5. Awesome Em! Thanks for these. I can't wait to see more photos. I got a CD of the photobooth pics in the mail. Maybe I'll upload some of those to FB, along with some Hawaii pics. If I have time of course.