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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

iPhone Day!

No, I am not getting an iPhone. However, my roommate, Emily (heretofore referred to as EC), is (according to FedEx delivery tracking) getting an iPhone 4, TODAY. It's hard to communicate how exciting this is. Not just because of the ooo, shiny! aspect, but because this day is a loooooong time in the making. I believe her initial order was placed 2 months ago. At this point iPhones are not real to me, instead they are things that are "waiting to be shipped."

I'm not going to detail all of the trials and tribulations EC (and me by proxy, but obviously way worse for her) went through for this iPhone, but I will try to convey some of the frustration. See the trouble is apparently a lot of people like/want/need new iPhones. And AT&T and Apple are pretty terrible at producing/processing/shipping said iPhones. So after multiple trips to the Apple Store (two different locations), AT&T Store ("sorry we can't help you because you ordered online with Apple") and a lot of time spent on the phone ("you should call Apple." "AT&T placed the hold, call them.") it is (hopefully!) on it's way.

With EC at work for a few hours, the duty of accepting the FedEx delivery falls to me. So I am sitting on the couch with the blinds open, refreshing the tracking info every five minutes, willing the package to come. Earlier I propped open the front gate (sorry neighbors!) to insure that FedEx would have no obstacles to our apartment. I've watched Make It Or Break It, the best gymnastics show on television! And now I'm starting in on Project Runway, which is inexplicably 90 minutes long. Seriously Lifetime? No matter. I fast-forward through most of the critiques and deliberations on reality shows anyway. Obviously the only opinion that matters is mine. Shut up, Tyra.

I'm kind of hungry and we have no groceries, but I'm told my patience will be rewarded. I'd also like to take a shower, but that can wait. It's iPhone Day!

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