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Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Long, Sweet Summer

Summer is over.

Ok, so maybe I'm calling it a little early, since I have 5 days until orientation and 12 until the first day of classes, but it feels like the care-free days are already gone. I'm starting to think about my class schedule, volunteer opportunities and my super powers of distraction and procrastination (and how that might affect my graduate education).

The last few months have been pretty great. I've been getting used to a new town, having fun and relaxing. I had pretty high expectations for Austin before I moved. Most people rave about it and I'd always loved visiting. So far it hasn't disappointed. There's endless amounts of good food, beautiful places to visit, and live music. (I can't wait until ACL!)

Below is a hodgepodge of summer photos with accompanying explanations.

Here I am on moving day! Everything went smoothly and a couple of months later, I feel like the apartment is now arranged how I like it.

This is the bamboo forest at the Zilker Botanical Gardens, one of our early outdoor excursions. Being outside is hot, but bearable. I feel like the evenings are better than Houston because the humidity doesn't smother me.

This is the view of downtown Austin from a park bench in the botanical gardens.

Also at the gardens. I love this photo.

We spend a lot of time in these chairs on our balcony. I miss my spacious patio in Houston, but this is a decent substitute.

I've been trying a lot of new beers this summer (remember I'm relaxing?) and this is definitely my favorite. I'm still mostly fond of wheat beers, though I'm trying more ambers and other kinds too.

Visiting Zilker Park on a random Tuesday afternoon. We had a sweet blanket set up and mostly the whole park to ourselves. (That's my car, all alone in the background.)

It was pretty warm that day and I believe her reaction was: "mmm. Fresh-baked cheetos."

Lots of backgammon, rummy and euchre this summer. Like.

I know Montana is considered "big sky country" but I feel like Texas deserves the title sometimes too.

We've had a pretty constant stream of visitors (people love Austin). Here are Terri and Charlotte hanging out at Toy Joy.

I think Houston will always have a special place in my heart, especially as long as I have great people to visit. Here's Teddy, Matt, and Katelyn on our blanket at Miller Outdoor Theater for the 4th of July.

Tess on the 4th. We had delicious refreshments and a sweet spot for watching the fireworks.

EC's uncle rented a house on Lake Travis and this was the view off the back porch. We had a lot of fun hanging out at the house and out on the water. Overall I enjoyed the weekend despite...

...the hole in the patio my leg made. Apparently not all porch construction materials are created equal, and these particular tiles were not weather proof and had started to rot. My wounds are pretty much healed two weeks later, but I saw some fun colors on my leg in that time.

I made a trip home, and this is the view of the coast in downtown Beaufort.

We took a short "hike" (glorified walk) to part of the green belt in Austin.

People are hanging out, drinking beer... with their pet snakes. Like you do.

Me: "Aww, you're not smiling in this photo."
EC: "That's my face."

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