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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Middle Ground

I feel a bit like Goldilocks. My apartment is too quiet and comfortable for studying (see last Friday afternoon's TWO HOUR nap*). Right now I'm at a Starbucks and everyone here is so loud I am blaring Best Coast into my earbuds to drown out the chatter. I guess loud music isn't good for my concentration, because I have read roughly four pages in 30 minutes. Now I am here, blogging, because you know, why not? I thought I'd try a picture-less post. Blasphemy for this photo-bloated blog, I know.

Grad school involves a lot of reading. I suppose undergrad (and high school) did too, but who can remember that far back? So far I've been able to stay on top of my assignments, but not without significant grumbling. Now that I've been to all of my classes multiple times (the Labor Day holiday canceled two of my classes, which only meet once a week), I feel like I'm slowly developing a rhythm. Monday and Tuesday is for class Wednesday-Friday is work (nannying), weekend is a mixture of homework and fun. It's nice that I can kind of shift from mode to mode.

In a few weeks I'll get to add another activity to my schedule. I'm volunteering at the local public library for a weekend shift. My first training is tonight, and I'll start actually helping people (hopefully) in October. It's exciting because unlike my previous library volunteering gigs I'll get to work with patrons and not just shelve books. Like any true library nerd, however, shelving books is pretty therapeutic, and I kind of miss it!

So it seems like 3:00-4:30 was the rush at Starbucks, and things have thankfully quieted down. I guess this is my cue to try to do some more reading. Maybe.

*I am, historically, opposed to napping, at least for myself. I like to get 8 consistent hours of sleep every night and limit my sleeping to nighttime. In college (and high school) this was almost unheard of, given most students' night owl habits and afternoon naps. I just find that sleeping during the day makes me feel worse. I like being up late at night, but would rather keep a reasonable schedule.


  1. Yay for new posts, hurray. Much enjoyed :)

  2. Sofia is no longer your only blog reader. Love you!