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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up

So my devoted (and only?) blog reader, Sofia, expressed worry that I hadn't posted anything new in a while. Basically I have been accumlating blog material and failing to upload anything. So what is before you is a bit of an overload of photos and anecdotes. I'll get the hang of this blogging thing eventually. My biggest problem is that I am bad at time management and grad school is making that blatantly clear. I feel too "busy" to blog since I should be reading/writing/learning. However, I just spend massive amounts of time procrastinating anyway, and in reality would have had plenty of time to blog, which is arguably a more constructive use of my time.

Over Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Mary Jo and Keith's wedding. Mary Jo is one of my sister Amy's oldest friends and a close friend to our family. It was wonderful to see her glowing with all the bliss of matrimony.

Amy was one of the bridesmaids and has had a full year of weddings. When the year is over she will have attended 10 weddings total.

There was also time to visit my old house in Barrington, which was rather bittersweet. Due to unfortunate circumstances the house is currently unoccupied and falling into disrepair.

The grass is terribly overgrown and all the beautiful landscaping my parents spent time on is pretty much a lost cause. It was nice to drive around and see how things in the area have evolved and feel nostalgic about my childhood.

This was my first trip back to IL in over two years and I was lucky to be in the same place as Amanda and Amy at the same time. We had a delicious vegetarian dinner at an Indian restaurant and tried to get caught up on each others' lives in one evening.

Back in Austin, EC and I spent Friday afternoon at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The admission price is a little steep (even with a student discount) but the mission of the center is admirable and it was a beautiful space.

There's a tower that gives a 360° view of the grounds.

EC wanted to do some empirical research on the tastiness/poison content of beautyberries, but I talked her out of it. According to Wikipedia they are a natural insect repellent and have been used to make wine. So I'm going to go with not poisonous.

More Random Wildflower Center Photos....

It's Sunday afternoon, which means it's Time to Actually Do My Homework.

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