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Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Market

Oh blog, how you languish.

Things around here have been busy and stressful, and when that happens my stomach clenches and all "frivolous" activities fall to the wayside. Except not really, because I still find time to read blogs and watch TV, but authoring a blog article myself? Such a waste of time!

My recent stressor is that my employment situation will be ending the middle of this month, sooner than I'd expected. The family now needs a full-time childcare situation, which I can't provide while going to school. We're all a little sad, since things had been grooving so well of late.

So now I'm trying to apply for jobs in my field. Nannying has always been a great way for me to earn money while in school, but I don't see it as my life's work. The problem with going to a great grad program with challenging classes and a good reputation is that my competition for said jobs is stiff! There are many lovely people at the iSchool, some with prior professional library experience.

Things will work out, hopefully for the best. If not I guess I can look forward to free time for: Netflixing, sleeping in, baking, oh and maybe extra studying.


  1. I'm sure you will find something soon and if not, that alternative sounds pretty nice. Working is over rated :)

  2. BTW-Just realized we have the same blog format design, but in a different color, what up with that?